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In 2007 NakPhotography were approached by Mitsubishi, the market leaders in professional photo printers as a result of our growing reputation in the photo production market. Since that time Nakphotography has been sponsored by Mitsubishi for the quality of our work, and this means that we are able to offer the finest print quality from the worlds leading photo printer supplier.

Whether it's a small corporate evening or a film premiere of 1,000 guests we are able to photograph and hand the guests a print within a minute. In order to be cost-effective for both large and small events we scale our services to fit the event size, ranging from 50 people through to 5,000 and our systems are capable of producing up to 1,000 prints per hour where required.

Over the years our print-on-site service has been commissioned for film premieres, PR and promotional events, product launches, conferences, awards evenings and staff Christmas parties.

Shoot and print

This can be as simple as roving reportage photography, or we can set up a more formal studio area with professional lighting and a backdrop.

We use wireless enabled camera's so that images are sent directly from camera to base station within 2 seconds

We can offer an interactive service whereby guests can view and collect their photos at manned print stations, or the processing desk can be away from the photography area and the photos are simply laid out on a table for collection by guests throughout the event.

Corporate and product branding directly on to the prints raises the bar even higher. Printing logos and messages directly onto the print means there's no need for expensive custom made frames, and the message can't be discarded with the mount.

Photo printing photographer

Green screen

We can photograph guests in our green screen studio setup and replace the background with just about any image.

There are many different situations where this can be used ranging from the frivolous and fun through to more practical scenarios.

Background images can be existing photos, computer created animations or we even have our own software to generate specific background scenes where required.

Green screen photography print on site green screen instand print photography green screen instant photos professional green screen photography Green screen event photography professional event photographers green screen printing


To compliment our print-on-site facility we can offer a large range of managed sets and scenario's.

One of our most popular additions is the Paparazzi service, with a twist. Our Paps will fuss over your guests as they arrive at the function, but unlike other similar services, our Paps dont stop there !

Once the 'papping' is over, our paparazzi turns from hacks to stunning hostesses. What they wear is at your discretion and is usually aimed at the theme of the function but typically can range from smart clothing through to Moulin Rouge style outfits. They can continue with the papping, help with raffle ticket sales or just be on hand to help with the function.

The Nak Paps are on duty for the duration of the event which makes this service great value for money.

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Charges for our print-on-site services are quoted individually as every job has different requirements.

However, as a guide, prices start from £575+VAT for 3 hours of photography, all staff, equipment and unlimited prints whilst a full day, again including all staff and unlimited prints starts at £960+VAT.

Please feel free to ask us for a detailed quotation based upon your exact requirements.

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